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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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drabick with eyewitness weather. the humidity has drop. that has taken the sting out of it. we can handle this. >> we can handle this. it is august 1st. 92 degrees it happens. it could be worse out there. at least it is dry this weekend. that is great news. just hang outside, getting their pool time in, maybe the beach, looking pretty good, this afternoon, even into sunday as well. nice looking sunrise this morning. check it outlooking the atlantic city camera. sun coming up over the horizon right now at 6:00 o'clock. good start to our day. that will be the the trend, sunshine work a few clouds around from time to time but overall it will be generally a sunny day. looking at the temperatures this hour we are at 75 at philadelphia international airport. still some comfortable 60's to our north. sixty-three in allentown. capitol city of delaware you guys are at 72 degrees at this hour. dover. our suburbs. cooling down nicely. pottstown, quakertown, both in the lower 60's at this hour. wind are light, less than
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10 miles an hour. they are switching more out of the west to southwest, so that increases the humidity levels slightly compared to yesterday but overall not too bad. dew point temperatures in the 50's to lower 60's. now we are running in the low to mid 60's. a little bit more uncomfortable. but nothing like it has been this past week. storm scan three is quiet. a few clouds rolling through the day, otherwise, sunshine, clouds does stay hot hot with temperatures holding in the 90's but humidity levels do stay low. temperatures throughout the the morning will rapidly heat up to 87 by lunchtime and we will top off into the lower 90's by mid to late afternoon. high temperature 92 for philadelphia mid 80's at the shore and lower 80's in the poconos slight chance for a shower there we will talk about when the heat comes to an even in the seven day in a few minutes, todd, back to you. justin, thank you. new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a fatal shooting in south philadelphia. police found a 30 year-old man shot four times. it happen just before 11:30
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last night in the 1900 block of mountain street, victim pronounced dead at the hospital. this morning police are hoping surveillance video will help them find a person who shot and killed a 22-year old mother. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry is live at port richmond where a vigil for the victim was held last night, syma, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, todd, vigil was held last night but memorial still stands here. folks have been stopping by and saying a prayer to the victim. if you look at candles and flowers and balloons left at this house it is clear that many people cared about stephanie dzikowski, so who would shoot her execution style in front of her child? family and friend are hoping police will soon catch the killer. >> she was no trouble at all. she was everything. she just graduated from school. she was everything. she was a good person. >> reporter: family members of the 22-year old stephanie dzikowski are heart broken and confused who would kill this mother, in front of her
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toddler and why. that is what friend and neighbors asked themselves as they mourn together in a vigil friday evening. >> we're just praying that soon they will catch the killer. >> reporter: police say dzikowski was shot the in her port richmond home with her two-year old daughter in the house at the time. luckily the toddler was unharm. >> she took her babe which her every where. i just can't believe it. >> reporter: shooting happened late thursday night on the 3,000 block of aramingo avenue, this surveillance video shows a possible suspect, running down the the street, police are hoping to identify that person. sources tell "eyewitness news", that the front door was unlocked, giving the killer an easy way in. >> this is a close knit neighborhood. the neighbors are really puzzled as to who would want to harm this mother. >> reporter: motive for this shooting remains under investigation, but a $20,000
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reward is being offered, in this case. we're live from port richmond, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right same, thank you. beloved phillies pitcher cole hamels said good bye to the city he has called home for decade this morning hamels is officially a texas ranger and is expected to start today. one of the best pitchers in fill his is try said his final good bye to the city and team yesterday. hamels had a 4:00 p.m. flight and after the press conference he made it to the rangers game last night and believe it or not jake diekman got into that game and pitched out of the jam for rangers. here's the trade that went down that took forever, rangers get hamels and diekman, phillies get procedures pecks including highly regarded catcher jorge alfaro, outfielder nick williams and left hander jake thompson. hamels talked about his time in philadelphia. >> to be able to bring a world championship here was that much more special, because of what i think we all got to see
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in that parade. a lot of just not from philadelphia we come here. our dreams for win a championship and to win a ring and in the really understand the purpose behind it but i think we really grasped that when we took that parade down broad street and see what it really meant to the fans here. >> cole and his wife heidi took out a full page ad in sunday's inquirer tore thank the fans. hamels said quote we are eternally grateful, philadelphia is where we made our first home abe where we started our family and will always hold a special place in our heart. "eyewitness news" reporter, steve paterson has more on cole's leg ace any philadelphia. >> reporter: arm of the ace. >> work horse. >> reporter: grace of the diplomate. >> city will in miss a good guy. >> reporter: and, of course, the looks of the movie star. >> i think he is really hot. >> he has a wife, but... >> reporter: phillies man's saying so much to mention about the lock down style of one cole hamels, a guy who
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reliablely won games, helped win a city a championship and went out with a no hitter, perfect ending for a man they call hollywood but what may be lost, somewhere along the praise of the praiseability and tough necessary is what hamels means to the city off the the field. >> great person, the lot of charity work and done a lot in the community. >> reporter: this is a guy who together with wife heidi created a fund days that aims to build schools in africa while raising more than a million-dollar for philadelphia public education. one of their daughters an orphan from ethiopia. >> him and heidi, big charity events, so he was a great response or of the city of philadelphia. >> they just were the epitome of what philadelphia was all about. >> reporter: point is, that the the hamels here a on the field may have been long over, but in a time when athletes are men for negativity, here's a guy they called hollywood to and in return called philadelphia home. just listen.
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>> it the has been, you know, one of the mess joyous experiences that not only myself but my family has been able to be part of. we're raising my family here. it has been special. >> reporter: in that press conference hamels made it clear that the foundation that he started in philadelphia will continue in philadelphia, and, yes, he, heidi and kid plan to visit often. you have not seen the last of cole hamels. reporting from citizens bank park i'm's steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". verizon workers in our area could walk off the job this weekend if union negotiations -- union negotiators don't reach an agreement with benefits with the wireless carrier. the contract covering 30,000 workers in nine states including pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey expires today. last week the communication workers of america announced that 86 percent of verizon workers covered by that
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contract voted to strike if an agreement isn't reached. a woman is lucky to be alive after a tree falls on her in the middle of the night, we will hear how she was rescued, coming up next. also ahead a runaway train slams in the station causing passengers to go running, how officials say a teen caused a all of this trouble. and soak it all in, new relaxation therapy that helps float away stress when "eyewitness news" continues.
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this morning state police continued their search for a pennsylvania teen who was taken from her home, some 19 hours ago. troopers are looking for 16 year-old jenea pather shon was abducted at her home at 11:00 thursday night. they say paterson was abduct by walter lewis, hoist considered armed and dangerous. the two may be traveling in the red car. if you see them call 911 right away. authorities up in state new york blame a 13 year-old boy for a runaway train crash. this surveillance video caught the train cars smashing in the station earlier this month. investigation revealed that the teen gained access to the car and set it in motion. the train caused extensive damage to the station, and scared passengers waiting on that platform. law enforcement spoke the with the boy and determined that
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there was in criminal intent. a insuring woman is recovering after a 5,000-pound oak tree crashed into her bedroom window trapping her underneath. as jennifer mclogan from our sister station in insuring reports, the the woman didn't think she would survive. >> i cannot express in words how thankful i am for everyone who saved my life from the fire fighters to the police officers, to the scene, to the doctors, to the paramedics, that without them i wouldn't be here and i didn't think i would be here. >> the outcome could have been tragic, no one knew the great neighbors massive 5,000-pound oak tree was difficult seized and as stephanie epstein slept it collapsed, slamming with such force the epstein's house rock, roof collapse, trunk enveloping her in her bed. >> it sounded as if a bomb hit
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the house. hearing her screaming for help and dad, get this tree off me. first instinct toys slap your face, to wake up in this dream. wake up. >> reporter: stephanie was trapped unable to breathing nothing to shock. volunteer paramedic lives across the street and came running to help save stephanie 's life. first and foremost we were worried about compartment syndrome but we were worried about the tree. >> i did not think i was going to make it. i was breathing, trying so hard to breathe, focusing on shutting my eyes, hoping that would help, time pass, and, begging, everyone, to get this tree off of me. >> it is a miracle case because as you can see stephanie is walking out. >> reporter: where will she sleep tonight in my bed, i'm not going there so fast. >> reporter: that was jennifer mclogan reporting, luckily stephanie didn't have any broken bones. she may be able to play lacrosse at school this year.
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however the home is uninhabitable and entire family will be staying with relatives. good saturday morning everyone hopefully you are waking up to enjoy the weekend. weather hot today but we are dealing with mainry dry conditions and humidity levels could be worse. lets check with our weather watchers. they are enjoying the morning. comfortable temperatures around philadelphia. seventy-one in cardington, bill layden's house. he had has sunshine with cloud, currently right now, and little bit to the north here in philadelphia, john, at 74 degrees. he has got some sunshine, with again a few cloud around. up in northampton county, bath looking real comfortable. 66 degrees at charles house, in bat , pennsylvania with a full sunshine right now, he says, just been outside, beautiful morning, enjoy it. that is the trend. it does heat up this afternoon but again, early august, humidity levels not that bad. let me show what you is happening outside. our camera looking at ben
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franklin bridge. there is cloudiness over us but that should thin out as we head throughout the mid morning hours into the afternoon. fair weather, couple rust clouds will develop with the building heat of the day. the lets talk about the heat wave. we have been dog w this is number three. we're in the middle of so far this summer. number one was at the even of the june, 21st and 23rd, that was a three day heat wave. our second one was in the middle of the july 19th to 21st. we are in the middle of the eight day heat wave here, and now as we head into july, and for the month of july, actually temperatures just averaged over 1 degree, so would you think it would be higher then that but if you remember back early in the month right around the fourth of july, it was cool, so the month started off cool but we will rebound nicery. highest temperature for month of july was 95, we will hit that twice. low was 64. we could use rainfall. we are down over an inch, and we will get some couple of rain chances in the next seven days, but, not big chances but we will take it. how will it feel with the humidity? today more humid then
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yesterday. and then that same deal on sunday. you'll notice it on monday into tuesday as our next cold front approaches to help fuel, a scattered shower or storm. so again, no big chances for rain in our forecast. little disturbance running threw up state insuring right now, some cloud, a couple of showers, could be a sprinkle or two in the poconos this afternoon. elsewhere we are looking dry across the in mid-atlantic, that is compliments of the high pressure to the south and west, lots of sunshine, will help 90-degree temperature return, both today, and for your sunday and here we go into monday, more humid conditions, here's our next front, it is fairly weak, but it could trigger a late daze sure or storm, monday in, to tuesday. not much happening, today, you'll notice some cloud build though through the afternoon, again, there could be a shower especially up in the mountains by mid afternoon. things quiet down tonight. it looks great if we have outdoor, evening plans and then sunday, really in problems. mostly sunny conditions. your shore forecast for today, delaware beaches, jersey shore looks good.
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mid 80's for temperatures. ocean has dropped in the 60's, in some spots, and lots of sunshine wear the sun block. rip current risk will stay on the low side with the southwest breeze at ten to 15 but make sure life guards are on the stand before you enter the water a lot of sunshine today, hot but not too humid. ninety-two around philadelphia, a little bit cooler in some of those suburbs. we will keep things on the warm side tonight, mostly clear skies, a little overall, pleasant temperatures. 70 degrees for center city. sixty's in the suburbs. maybe keep those windows opened again. if you are checking out phillies/braves tonight ballpark 86 degrees. sunshine and cloud. warm. first pitch coming in at 7:05. here's the extended forecast, rounding out weekend at 90 with sunday with plenty of sunshine. up to 93 monday with build ing heat and humidity. that could bring showers and storms monday night into tuesday, it looks like tuesday, maybe a last day of 90-degree temperatures and there is some signs of cooler air, that second half of the next week, temperatures back in the mid 80's.
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todd, back over to you. >> justin, looks good, thank you very much. how would you just like to float all of your cares away. on the healthwatch floattation therapy, claims to help ease a variety of ailments. health reporter stephanie stahl checks out a float center in our region to see what it is all about. >> reporter: denise grossman is soaking away her stress, in float therapy. >> it can be as simple as relaxing, and closing your eyes and giving yourself sometime and space to be alone. >> reporter: high school english teacher is a regular at float in mar tan. private tanks like a big batt tub are filled warm water and enough epson salt to keep the body completely boyant. >> which relieves the stress and pressure on the joints, and allows the in muscles to relax. >> reporter: the the owner says floattation therapy can help with everything from arthritis and high blood pressure to insomnia ape migraines. an important part of the floattation therapy is sensory deprivation.
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this tank is pitch black and sound proof. because you are floating there is no gravity on the body. >> when you remove all of the things that are bombarding your brain processor on a daily basis, it opens up a lot of brain power to heel, relax, you know, focus on things. >> reporter: this level of deep relaxation which happens with meditation can also reduce stress hormones in the brain. >> it positively effects things like stress, anxiety and depression. >> reporter: he says magnesium soul face is absorbed through the skin which can have a variety of benefits but mostly it is about finding a briefest scape from our crazy lives. >> there is still utter peace, utter relaxation. >> reporter: salt kills any germs but water is filtered, cleaned between each customer. it cost $49 for an hour obsession we have more information at cbs and i will put it on my facebook and twitter feeds. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". still ahead on "eyewitness news" tom cruise is back with his latest installment in the mission impossible series. a preview of rogue nation is next. angelina jolie on an emotional mission, a reason for returning to her son's home country when we come
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sad news from the world of
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wrestling, legend wrestler rowdy rod piper has died at the age offer 61. piper died from cardiac arrest in his sleep at his home in hollywood. piper was one of the biggest stars in the wwe back in the 80's and was an ad mythed in the wwe hall of fame back in 2005. he was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma in 2006 but just last year said he was cancer free. piper is survived by his wife and also his four children. family and friend will attend a private funeral for bobbi kristina brown. the only child of the whitney houston and bobby brown died at the age of 22, six months after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub. similar to the way her mother died just three years earlier. the funeral will be held at 11:00 at a church just outside of atlanta. angelina jolie meet with mya mar leader, and today,
6:24 am
the two sat down with the woman to learn about working conditions, jolie, and sue key witnessed first hand, the awful conditions, that woman live and work in. jolie is a special envoy for the the u.n. high commissioner, for refugees. she's on a four day visit to south east asian nation. well, after four impossible missions on the big screen, tom cruise is back to save the world once again in mission impossible: rogue nation. the latest sequel is now in theaters and as susan marquez reports the fans are in for a real thrill ride. >> where are you. >> it is real. >> reporter: tom cruise returns as super spy ethan hunt in mission impossible, rogue nation. it pits tom cruise and company against the cia director played by alex baldwin and mysterious enemy. >> rogue nation cannot do what we do. >> reporter: ving reigns and
6:25 am
others reprice their role to bring hunt and the bad guys out. the high action series takes stunts to new heights with tom cruise riding on a plane, not in one as it takes off. >> the sequence required eight takes and a lot of stamina a. >> i had a hard time keeping my feet on the steps as we were going town the runways at the speeds we were traveling at to get that angle we had to be flying town that runway. >> reporter: it is exciting but the film is not without lighter moments. >> incredible tension but nicely punctured with real fun stuff. >> reporter: he calls it the the ultimate summer popcorn movie. susan marquez, cbs news. facebook founder mark zuckerberg will be a dad, zuckerberg and his wife, are expecting a baby girl. billion air made the announcement on where else, his facebook page and he said they had been trying a few years and suffered through three miscarriaging. the post generated 200,000
6:26 am
likes of its own in a half an hour as well as, over 18,000 comments. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tragedy on the front line, fire fighter is killed battling wild fires in california. also ahead if you are trying to improve your credit, jim donovan will tell what you to look for to avoid these scams. we will be right back. anything. anywhere. anytime. anyone. spread the delicious taste you know and love.
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new developments in the visit of pope francis to philadelphia, concern is growing over logistics and security, with both the city and secret service getting in the organizational mix. an update on the malaysia airlines mystery expert in france will soon have the piece of airplane wing found on a island off the coast of africa. and thousands of mosquitoes go under the microscope in this lab every week, i'm don champion in fort worth to show you how officials are trying to keep the west nile virus from spreading. and today it is saturday august 1st, good morning everyone i'm todd quinones, our humidity has broken but the heat will hang around, here's meteorologist justin drabick with eyewitness weather. justin not as bad as we saw on thursday but still warm. >> it isn't summer yet, we have to remember that but we are in the middle of the extended heat wave, longest one in the season. eight days, probably, and then
6:30 am
we will get to a good stretch. >> in the bad. we have haven't had too many 90-degree days. really second half of the july when they started to stack up. we will keep that trending go through the start of august, but looking over kay, outside, right now, check it out, good morning everyone. we are waking up to sunshine and clouds, a live look from our roof camera looking south at center city philadelphia and that sunshine will go to work rapidly as temperatures will quickly climb up. 75 degrees right now in the airport in philadelphia. sixty-three in the lehigh valley, in allentown, lower 70's in dover delaware and wildwood checking in at 73 degrees. suburbs look great this morning, it is lower 60's in pottstown and quakertown. mid level still on the lower side. storm scan three we're quiet, so we will be rain free throughout the morning, and then a few clouds rolling through the afternoon, light chance for a shower in the poconos. that is about it. here's your temperature break down throughout the morning. we are in the upper 70's by 8:00, mid 80's by 11:00 this
6:31 am
morning. more clouds moving in the afternoon but temperatures will top off in the lower 90's by late afternoon, and by 8:00 g it dry, and temperatures holding in the mid 80's. we will break it down in the region here 92 degrees for the high in philadelphia, little bit cooler at the shore, mid 80's and poconos a few more clouds light chance for that spotty shower this afternoon with a high of 82. we will talk about when we cool back down in the seven day forecast in a few more minutes, todd, back to you. justin, thanks very much. preparations continue for pope francis visit to philadelphia, it is now just a little over eight weeks away. the as our pat ciarrocchi tells us, concern is rising about the security and just how much of an impact the visit will have on those who live, and work, in philadelphia. >> reporter: parkway and pope, keeping him safe and giving him access he wants, it is biggest challenge of the secret service and all of its law enforcement partners. >> those are kind of two fairly defined extreme. somewhere in between, we want
6:32 am
to have a appropriate level of security and a great level of access. >> reporter: perimeters, security zones and access may not be made public until as late as three weeks before pope frances lands on philly soil. push and pull of information around secret service has some smashing their teeth but not sarah a hurtz, the vp of the museum operations at the academy of natural sciences who has been in meetings with the secret service. >> they are not mandating whether we open or close in anyway. >> reporter: but with the museum at 19th street at logan circle barely a block from the front steps of the about a sill was where the pope will celebrate his first mass there will be in viewing of the dinosaurs on the papal weekend. >> friday and monday, we're waiting to get a little bit more information. i believe our decision will depend a lot on when this city starts to put up the fences and the barriers, whether our staff can get into work.
6:33 am
>> reporter: cultural institutions and businesses within blocks of the ben franklin parkway will need to decide individually when to be opened and when to be closed n a rare move the secret service, coping with questions, issued a news release that reads in part, it is important to note that the secret service toss not force businesses to close, during national, special security events, or during any protective functions. the city of philadelphia has repeatedly stated that it will be opened for business during this event. with a million and a half people expect to stretch from here, at the a art museum all the way to independent mall, businesses, visitors and resident will to have be blessed with some patients during the papal weekend. at the art museum, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we are counting days until pope frances arrival in philadelphia, you can see it there, 56 more days, until he visits the the city of fail. stay with "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the papal visit for more forehead to cbs
6:34 am visit. a man originally from berks county is making headlines after crashing in the barricade at u.s. capitol building. a police spokeswoman says a man identified as antonio pierre rosseo has been charged with unlawful entry. police say the car was cleared of hazards and removed from the barricades. the house was not in session at the time of the crash and in lawmakers or bystanders were threatened. another wrongful death lawsuit has been filed in the amtrak tragedy. rachel jacobs was ceo of an educational technology company based in philadelphia. the 39 year-old was one of eight people killed may 12th when train 188 derailed at frankford junction. more than 200 others were injured, jacobs family is seeking unspecified damages. happening today a piece of airplane wreckage possibly belonging to the missing malaysia air liner is expect to arrive in france. investigators are hoping it will shed light on what
6:35 am
happened to flight 370, cbs news correspondent jonathan vigloti is on the french island of reunion with the latest. >> reporter: wing fragment was wrapped, sealed, bound for france in the hope it may unlock mystery of the missing air liner. france will now take a leading roll in the investigation jim malaysia and australia it keeps the plane level when it starts to land made from highly boyant material filled with air pockets which may explain why it was found 2300 miles away from the current search area. victim families have endured over a year of agonizing waiting, false leads, and frustration. nora is the wife of the plane's chief stewart. >> although i do not have any body to bury, but any sign of what really happened. >> reporter: tragedy experts will begin examining the flapperon next wednesday. they will look for clues from
6:36 am
in metal stress about how this wing flap may have broken off and also for traces of chemicals, and explosives. jonathan vigloti, cbs news, reunion island. delta airlines flight had a near miss with a drone over new york's jfk air wear. the flight reported seeing an airborne object near at approach path to the runway at 5:00 p.m. authorities say that the plane did not have to take any evasive action, and it landed safely. the pilot described what he saw to air traffic control the faa is now investigating the incident.
6:37 am
drones are causing a safety threat for era tack pilots helping to put out wild fires, the drone flies the same low altitude as fire fighting helicopters and tankers attacking the flames. fire officials say if a drone is spotted in the area it becomes a restrict air space and fire crews are forced to shut down operations. california pilots had to counter drones in air space over wild fires. those wild fires are across parts of the california have turned deadly. fire fighters from south dakota was killed fighting a fire south of the oregon border. meantime across california fires have consumed a handful of homes and threaten hundreds of the others. chris martinez reports. >> reporter: crews are in a bat allah begins mother nature with the largest wild fire in california, burning north of san francisco. fast moving flames, driven by high temperatures and shifting wind are racing through steep terrain, scorching at least 28 square miles near lower lake
6:38 am
popular summer spot. >> you can see behind me we have heavy flare-ups, it is blowing good right now, cause something problems. >> reporter: raging fire known as rocky fire devoured this home in minutes and destroyed two other houses and several buildings. steven jillardi says the wind pushed flames toward his property. >> the fire was wild, griffin it burned the whole place. >> reporter: hundreds of residents were ordered to leave their neighborhood. >> i cam back to get more stuff. >> reporter: the wild fire is more than a dozen burning in california where at least 8,000 fire fighters are attack flames in the middle of a historic drought. >> we're just now entering the peak of the fire season so, to see these type of conditions is definitely concerning as it will only get dryer. >> reporter: nasa satellite captured this image of the rocky fire which is so large, it is smoke that is visible from space. chris martinez for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". in zimbabwe they say they
6:39 am
will try to extradite the american hunt shore killed cecil the leon lured out of the national park. walter james pennsylvania palmer of minute so the ace believed to have shot the lion with a bow on july 1st after it was lured off private land with the animal carcus laid out on a car. palmer allegedly killed the wounded lion with a gun. palmer said did he nothing wrong and he relied on his hunting guide. wild life conservation unit that had been studying cecil had found that the cubs fathered by cecil are being protect by his brother, who is named chirico. as summer temperatures, heat up and mosquitoes thrive more and more are testing positive for west nile virus in several places. the don champion went out with health officials who are keeping a close eye on the insects. >> reporter: with a bucket, net and sand, health officialness fort worth hope this device will help protect people from the west nile virus.
6:40 am
>> we're trying to a void public getting west nile virus. >> reporter: more mosquitoes are testing positive so doctor june lee, has installed dozens of traps to monitor the insects. nationwide nearly 40 people have contracted the virus this year, symptoms include fear, headache, body ache and fatigue. >> that occurs in about 20 percent of the people that get bitten. so everybody doesn't get sick. 1 percent get the the most serious complications, even self lights, or this kind of par lit i can illness that can be, long lasting. >> reporter: each week doctor lee and his team test about 1500 mosquitoes if the sample tests positive the city is notified. >> within 24 hours we will be at ground zero, going door to door, talking to people, on their doorsteps to let them know that we have had positive west nile mosquitoes. >> reporter: if positive tests keep coming back the city will spray to kill the
6:41 am
mosquitoes. don champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". bugs are on the menu at one burger joint, coming up next, the the drink that includes crickets as an ingredient. also ahead, they are the new beauty must have, eye lash extensions but are they safe? we will tell but some health concerns and meet the new dog, celebrity, why this pooch is taking over the internet, when "eyewitness news" continues. you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that.
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who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? uh, khakis. she sounds hideous. well, she's a guy so... another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state.
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back on "eyewitness news" with a popular beauty trend that has eye lash salons popping up in many areas but are eye lash extensions safe? hanna daniels, reports. >> reporter: move over mascara eye lash extensions are the new beauty must have, bobby joe has been getting them for over a year. >> your eyes are the window to your soul they say. to be able to enhance that is something i look forward to. >> reporter: process is easy, the synthetic fibers, with glue one by one to your natural lashes but experts say this popular trend could come with health risks. some adhesive contain formaldehyde which can cause allergic reactions. >> the glue products have gotten to the surface or top layer of the eye called the cornea and caused problems with scarring, irritation. >> reporter: bacteria can also grow in fake lashes leading to infection and some customers can lose their real lashes from repetitive treatments. >> when you apply a lot have
6:45 am
excessive traction to the hair follicles they actually cause the hair follicles not to grow. >> reporter: lash forever in new york city using glue formaldehyde free. general manager paul young says clients need to take care of their lashes. >> they need to clean their extensions, eye area. a lot of clients they don't touch their extensions because they want them to last long. >> reporter: what was your main concern. >> health, cleanliness, eye infections. >> reporter: this repeat customer says she has never had any problems and will keep getting her luscious lashes done. hanna daniels for cbs news, new york. a burger chain based in connecticut is offering a burger and shake with a twist or in this case, chirp. they served oreo mud pie cricket shake that started out as an april fools joke but jake's way back burger made it a reality. crickets are ground in the fine powder before they are added to the beverage. >> lots of crickets, yes, yes.
6:46 am
they don't float around or anything. they are still not chirping. >> well, it may not be for everyone but employees say the the shake is so popular because of the amount of protein that is pack in those crickets. each shake has some 24 grams of protein, and they are on sale, until the end of september. well, there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning, saturday, anthony mason and vanita nair joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, todd. coming up, crowds on demand, we will take you inside the the business page to bring enthusiastic audience toes big events. we also have a bite that is soaking, soda market, we will look at is what behind the move in seltzer sales and the drink fascinating history. he brought laughs to millions but behind the scenes his life was not all it seemed, we will speak to the the brother of chris farly who just made a documentary about the comedian. all that plus your eye opener, dish and music in your
6:47 am
saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> vanita and anthony, thanks very much, we will be watching. now that the economy is starting to improve many americans are hoping to clean up their finances, pay down some debts and improve a credit score but three on your side, consumer reporter jim donovan warns, you better do your homework first. >> reporter: from buying a car to buying a home your past financial decisions are all laid out for lend tours see in a doctor report. with many aspects of the american aspect of the american economy on the upswing many consumers are seeking to clean up their credit history and some scammers see an opportunity. accord together federal trade commission there are a few easy ways to spot a credit repair scam, first, if the company asks for payment before they render any services. also, if they ask that you not contact the credit reporting agencies directly and if they suggest giving false fur when applying for a mortgage or a loan. another troubling trend among credit repair scammers is
6:48 am
promise of an entirely new credit identity which can unwittingly land a consume inner trouble with the law. consumers can spot these when services suggest abandoning a social security number as a primary source of identification and instead using a new number they assign and called a cp n for credit privacy number or credit profile numbers. in many cases these numbers are stolen social security numbers often from children which is why they have a clean credit slate. that can turn a consume inner to an unknowing identity thief, despite their good financial intentions. first thing first, in order to repair your credit you need to know what your credit report looks like. every 12 months you are entitled to a freeze copy of your report from each of the three major reporting burroughs. log on to annual credit to obtain yours. i posted a link as well as some useful information, to fix credit report mistakes, on my facebook and twitter feeds, reporting for three on your
6:49 am
side, i'm jim donovan. it won't happen again until 2018, last night a blue moon lit up the skies and while not actually blue the extended definition of the blue moon is two, full months -- two full moons in a month. technically the moon reached peak fullness yesterday morning at 6:43 when the sun was up, the first full moon of the month took place on july 1st. look at that. it is pretty cool, hopefully you had had a chance to see it. we had clear sky, that moon was lighting up the sky during the morning hours, lets look at that moon. we have a few pictures sent in from our weather watchers, we will check out phil chapline's picture from yesterday evening, here in philadelphia, so i can make this bigger, thinks from the spring garden bridge, nice shot right there, of the moon, behind the building, so hopefully you had a shot the to see that, yesterday. especially during the morning hours, great sight. here we are, temperature wise, looking good, from our neighborhood, lower 70's, and
6:50 am
warmer spots associated witt 60's, and south jersey, and, he has margot has 70 degrees. good morning so far. let's head across the delaware river into delaware itself. newark, delaware delores lee has partly cloudy skies, 67 degrees this hour and let's bring it back close to home here to pennsylvania, around philadelphia, we will go up to blue bell, where jerry allbury, he has sunshine and nice 65 degrees. we survived the blue moon. yes, we did. maybe it is because phillies are actually winning, people are excited about that. but no problems with the moon. full moon causing higher tides at the shore. that is bit. the lets get outside to our neighborhood network to the north we will go to kutztown area middle school, nice looking shot, there, it looks like a fall, or spring morning, no haze, to deal with, we have some clouds, in front of the sun there, and calm wind, comfortable, 64 degrees in kutztown, right
6:51 am
now. temperatures elsewhere, starting to warm up in the mid 70's for warmer spots. lets look at the in of july. days here in orange indicate warmer than average and we had a lot of them but beginning of the month, remember, right around fourth of july it was pretty cool, so it took sometime to heat things up but second half of the month certainly warm. we end you had p-1 .1 degrees above average. would you think it would be higher then. that we are extending this heat all the way into the the start of the august so we are bringing this heat wave all the way back to last tuesday when we kicked it off at 93 degrees. average high 87. we have stretch of 90's going, it looks like today, tomorrow, even into next week. we're talking none in stop 90's this could be a eight day heat wave for philadelphia. storm scan three looking good, little disturbance across new york, triggering a few showers, maybe some cloud rolling on through we saw those clouds in berks county right now, but overall, we will see mixture of sun and cloud throughout the afternoon, it the is sunny and hot but humidity at least is not as high as it could be for
6:52 am
this time of the year, lot of sunshine for your sunday to finish you have the weekend. outdoor plans look great, with the dry conditions, and humid conditions, do return though, on monday afternoon, southerly wind overtake the region, next cold front comes over here we could be dealing with the late day shower or then are storm, on monday, into tuesday, but for today, cloud around, maybe a spotty shower especially up in the poconos, everybody else is dry, looks good tonight, evening plans outdoors, no problems, and if you are hitting barbecue or phillies game we will be try and tomorrow, lots of sunshine around, just on the hot side, full forecast today looking good, cool, hang out, good place to hang out and stay cool 29 degrees. uv index very high. it will be hot and sunny day. if you are heading the shore, there are a few spots where we are seeing colder ocean water temperatures over the past week or so. the reason for that is we have had persistent southwest wind overpass several days what that does is that starts to move the water off shore so
6:53 am
warmer water off top pull s off shore because of the retation of the earth. then we will get water replaced underneath which is colder. there are spots right around 68 degrees on the new jersey shore and then other spots in the upper 70's so just really depend on what shore point you are at. sunny skies inland today, hot, not too humid, 92 degrees. tonight warm, 70 for center city and 60's in the suburbs and then the extended forecast we are looking 90's continues through tuesday, with showers and storms tuesday but then next thursday. look at what happens with the temperatures next week we are back in the middle's. do you love watching the the wet senator you can be featured by becoming an eyewitness weather watcher, sign up at cbs todd, back to you. a canadian dog has become an internet sensation, her name is, tonguei and she's a sharpei and they are fair liz uncommon and in the really welcomed in the dog she world but internet cannot get enough of the fuzzy pet. she was first went viral after owners posted a video of her
6:54 am
with hiccups, and since then she has been featured on several web sites including buzz feed and get this she even has a book deal in the works. we will be right back.
6:55 am
6:56 am
humidity has back off some but heat will still stick around. >> heat wave, probably eight days, so, you know, got to get used to it. it is summer right now. >> a lot of sunshine. there could be a stray shower in the poconos other than that we are looking good but 92 degrees for daytime high temperature.
6:57 am
average is 87. it is nice, clear but still warm. seventy for center city. sixty's in the suburbs. humidity levels on the lower side, keep those windows open. there you go 90's continuing through tuesday with showers and storms tuesday and then thursday. >> justin, thanks. that is "eyewitness news" for now, we are signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs, cbs this morning the saturday is next, have a great weekend everyone.
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good morning. it's august 1st, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." the department of homeland security issues a warning about drones being used by terrorists here in the u.s. plus, the mystery wing that washed up on a beach is now in france. will aviation experts there confirm it's part of malaysia airlines flight 370. are you planning a protest or public event? we'll show you a company that offers crowds for hire. and seltzer's sparkling es


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